Migration failed at DNS update

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I am trying to migrate to Wedos from ebola. I have moved the website files and database and tested as much as I can on 245775.w75.wedos.ws, but when I updated the DNS (at Domena.cz and ebola) to point to the wedos IP ( I still get redirected to my old site, but the images are now broken.

whatsmydns.net tells me that the new IP has propagated correctly.

I have SSL enabled using Let’s Encrypt which may complicate it as I could not verify this before updating the DNS.

The url is odomu.cz

I have run out of things to check. Please help!


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Looks like it’s working now.

One other question – I have another url odomu.com which should also redirect to odomu.cz. But if I set the DNS to the same IP address I just get the Not Found On Accelerator screen. Is there a different way to redirect?


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