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Hi all,

I tried to gain the WebSite service, I went to the link on Wedos and followed the instructions. In the space for domain I’ve entered my domain registered with Wedos, the system is stating in red that „this domain is already being used by another service ( webhosting )“ and that’s it, want let me go any further..

I have only one domain registered and would like to be able to build a simple website on my own and nothing else.

Before you answer pleas note that I am a simple user with no IT degree 😉

Thanks in advance, David

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In case you want to keep using the domain with your webhosting, you need to select a gift of a free domain during the order and use WebSite with a newly registered domain.

If you do not want a new domain and you actually want to free your current one, you can rename the webhosting to eg. Then you will be able to use your old domain for the new WebSite service.

Rename of the webhosting

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