Website doesn’t show maybe because of DNS errors?

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I published the website, but when I go to check it out on the web, I get this – see the green image below. I also see some DNS errors notifications in the system (screenshots below), so maybe it’s because of that, but I don’t understand how to fix it. Sorry to be such a rookie, I’m just trying to create a website for a relative 😀  I believe he bought the domain name from a different provider, so I guess maybe I need to connect that system to the Wedos system somehow, but I’m just not sure how? Thank you very much for any tips!

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you are correct in assuming that this is a DNS issue. The domain is registered with, and uses’s DNS servers. The simplest solution would be to set the domain to use our DNS servers – just log into the domain administration at Subreg and change the NSSET to WEDOS. If They don’t support NSSET, set these DNS servers:

Changing DNS servers can take anywhere from 6 to 48 hours, so be patient. Once the change is complete, WebSite should be fully operational.

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