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I’ve installed Ubuntu image on my VM and setup password as showed in this tutorial The problem is that I need to restart the VM for password to be set up but when I restart, the password field becomes empty and I can’t login. Is there some workaround?


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My bad, let me be precise to be sure we are on the same page.

  1. I turn the VM off in nebula and wait for the poweroff state
  2. I fill in the PASSWORD attribute


  1. I turn on the VM
  2. I wait for the state to become ACTIVE
  3. Sync or refresh the page

PASSWORD attribute field is empty and when I try to log in, I get Incorrect password error.

What I’ve tried:

  • login via VNC in nebula, using root as username
  • login via ssh root@my.vm.ip
  • using only numbers as a password to make sure it’s not keyboard layout
  • using complicated password to make sure nebula is not rejecting my stupid password
  • copying password when using ssh
  • using VNC, I’ve tried typing the password to the username field first to make sure it’s correct and copying it from there
Role: Zákazník
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