root password problem

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I’ve installed Ubuntu image on my VM and setup password as showed in this tutorial The problem is that I need to restart the VM for password to be set up but when I restart, the password field becomes empty and I can’t login. Is there some workaround?


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monero mining is a cryptocurrency mining service. If you are not sure that the atto service on your VPS has nothing to do, then you probably have a compromised server and this may be the reason that you cannot log into your VPS.

So if your vps is infected, I recommend reinstalling the vps or restoring it if you have a working backup.
Restoring from a backup from our side is possible for a fee of 500 CZK/excluding VAT, but we do not guarantee that this backup will not be infected as well.

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TJ285257 Odpověděl na otázku 21. 5. 2022
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